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All about Dispensaries in Nevada That You Should Keep In Mind When it comes to the medical marijuana, Nevada has many years of experience. However, the laws of recreational cannabis was passed by the electorate in the year 2016. Therefore, how cannabis is regulated in that state changed after that. If you are either a resident or a tourist in the area over 21 years of age, you can be able to buy and have cannabis. For this reason, the state now handles both marijuana for medical purposes and marijuana for medical use. The ushering in of the recreational marijuana by the inhabitants in the area happened in the year 2016. It was only in July of the year 2017 that the law began to take effect and some recreational stores were opened. The state now has about 57 cannabis dispensaries that are functional. Most of the clinics in the area are found in Las Vegas. For you to be able to make a recreational purchase, you need to have a valid ID to show that you are indeed 21 years and above. The residents of the state are the only one that have access to the new medical cards. It is also important to have a doctor that has been endorsed by the state to confirm that indeed marijuana could have some therapeutic effects for the condition you have. The individuals over 18 years are the ones that constitute the medical cannabis. This, on the other hand, will not mean that those under 18 years of age cannot get into the program.
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For you to become a medical member in Nevada there is a fee that you have to pay for application. You will then be able to gain access to the program. However, for those patients that have not attained the age of 18 need to have a guardian with them.
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It is still an offense for one to smoke cannabis in public. Doing this will get you a misdemeanor criminal penalty even if you are a medical patient. When you want to smoke, it is best that you find a private place. You may find this to constrict you but it is because some of the federal laws seem to be overlapping with the gaming laws for the use of drugs. The smoking of cannabis cannot also be done in the casinos and hotels. If you are a tourist and desire to enjoy using cannabis, the best solution for you is to look for other choices like the drinks. There are several reasons why patients can plant their cannabis. One cause is when the shop near you lacks the type you need or shut down. The other is if there is the patient or the caregiver lacks the mobility to make traveling less demanding.