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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Places to Visit In Sydney

The rocks

This is the one of the most popular landmark in this city, it is a precinct historic place it contains many sandstone buildings, mountains, cobblestone streets, it is a historic place so many schools have an excursion and this street has many dinning and restaurants.It is situated in the southern harbor of a city, it takes very little time to walk from opera house to this street, it is established in 1978 after the street formation was completed, and street has many early buildings which are made up of sand stone. This street is highly featured with :

Historic walks, rocks markets, historic pubs, historic buildings, craft shops, some of the historic buildings are caiman’s cottage, Sydney museum, dews point battery.

Circular quay

This is a major point or a hub this is a place which interconnects many trains, buses and local trains in one place, so it is also called as a transport hub. It is nearer to the Sydney Harbor Bridge and opera house. It is a place where you can book tickets for trains and cruises to travel. This circular quay is a major attraction to city.

Features of the transport hub :

  • Place where you can interchange from ferry rail and bus
  • Railway station
  • Cahill express ways
  • Sydney celebrations point and it displays fireworks
  • Five commuter ferry wharves

Sydney Olympic park

suburb the western city is 16 kilometers from the central city; this place has a developmental Olympic park. This park is meant for Olympic Games and high celebrations. Many sporting and cultural events are popular in this park. City annual events are also performed in this park because of large space and its facilities.

This park is built at the time 2000 Olympic Games, it also act as a children play ground, and board walk sports which are conducted in this park are national rugby league, Australia rugby league, Australian football league, athletics and swimming.

Taranga zoo

Taroga zoo is the is the famous zoo in Australia which is located in capital city of Australia in Sydney, this zoo contains many wild and exotic animals. So many people from all over the world visit this zoo. This zoo was opened in 17 October 1916 situated in Mossman of city harbor. This zoo contains three thousand fifty animals and two thousand five hundred animals.This zoo is equipped with over night stay and free bird show, this zoo is equipped with large number of native and exotic animals which include koalas, kangaroos, echidnas and frilled lizards.

Blue Mountains

This Blue Mountains gives a pleasant look nature it looks beautiful so it a correct place for photography. The air from the city enters in to this Blue Mountains and gives a blowing sound. Near to this Blue Mountains there are many shopping centers, horse riding and Jenolan caves. The katoomba is a place which is nearer to this Blue Mountains. Every international tourist will visit this place in their tour and appreciating its beauty. There are many lodges; hotels which are near to this spot in this you can spend your two to three nights to enjoy this nature beauty.


The Angel Fals, Venezuela

Venezuela is an amazing country filled with beautiful and charming landscapes from mountains to beaches; natural parks to waterfalls. This country is blessed with rich historical background that dates back to 1498 when for the first time the famous discoverer Christopher Columbus by chance sighted it during his 3rd voyage to the new world. The very next year in 1499, some Spanish discoverers while staying at the edge of Lake Maracaibo, named the place “Venezuela” or “Little Venice”. They then permanently settled in the country and today it is among the modernized, rich cultured and famous touristic countries of the world.

The Angel Fall is the first highest waterfall of the world. Almost 19 times higher than Niagara Fall, it flows down like a beautiful and mesmerizing stream from a height of 1002 meters. Previously it was famous among the local Pemon Indians as Parekupa-meru, however when in 1937, a US pilot named Jimmy Angel who was in quest of gold, made a crash landing on the Auyan Tepuy, it was given the name of Angel. It is located in the Canaima National Park of La Gran Sabana at the largest side of the Auyan-Tepuy. The surrounding area is covered with grass-bedding.

Your guide will let you enjoy a great tour of the place. You can book for a guided tour of the place from Caracas; Ciudad Bolivar or even from outside the country, however it may cost you more. Most of the tourists, book for a three day and two night trip, where they prefer to spend each at Canaima and at Angel Falls respectively. You can also go for a one day tour for visiting the Angel falls. In a detailed trip to the Angel Falls, after a five or six hours of boat riding, you will arrive at the base camp, from where at a distance of almost one hour you have to walk along to reach the destination. Tourists, during this long tiring trip, keep themselves excited; fresh; and lively by capturing the scenic beauty spread all over. And finally you will experience the sweetness of your journey by viewing the world’s highest waterfall, which welcomes its visitors with soothing splashing water stream. The night will be spent in hammocks and on the second day, you will be back to Canaima.

In this trip you will enjoy the energetic activity of digging out canoe as well as thrilling task of hiking from the forest gallery to the fall. Most of the tour guides are Spanish speakers but to an extent can also speak English to guide the tourist. Since it is located in the Canaima National Park, visitors are required to pay its entrance fee worth BsF.35. As the area is covered with deep dark jungle where there is tropical wildlife and chances of being infected with yellow fever, it is a requirement for the visitors to get vaccinated for the same prior to entering the place.

Vietnam Adventure Tour

If you wish to make the most of your Vietnam adventure tour, then the following route comes highly recommended. Most Vietnam tours begin from the city of Hanoi, and not without good reason. For starters it is a gorgeous city that offers you a unique blend of French colonial architecture, busy marketplaces, serene tree-shaded boulevards and a criss-cross of streets that gives you a peek into its 1000 year old legacy in the form of the Old Quarter. Not to mention, it is also one of the most well-connected cities in Vietnam and is home loan international airport.

Your Vietnam adventure tour truly kicks off once you take an overnight train from Hanoi to Lao Cai, followed by a short drive to Sapa – a former French hill station. The journey to and from Sapa Valley offers a great opportunity to wear out your walking shoes and truly soak in the picturesque surroundings complete with lush rice terraces, as you also familiarize yourself with the lifestyle, traditions and attire of the locals. Do take a dip in the Than Phu River on your way back from Sapa Valley to Sapa, to cool off your heels and be ready to hit the next trail in your Vietnam adventure tour.

Tracing your way back from Sapa to Lao Cai and then Hanoi, be ready for the next leg of your Vietnam adventure tour – Ha Long Bay. Limestone formations rising out of the gorgeous emerald waters and tranquil grottoes of the Ha Long Bay sit beckoning you for an adventure like no other. Hire a traditional wooden junk to cruise along the island dotted waters of Ha Long Bay, where swimming, kayaking and sunbathing opportunities lie aplenty. Make sure to include Ho Ba Ham, the lagoon with three caves; Nui Ngoc, the fishing village; and Ba Men, the fisherman’s temple in your cruise of the mystical Ha Long, for an adventure that leaves you completely recharged to get back to the grind with grace.

Vacation Spot in South African


Decide on your tour to this Main African vacation spot during the months from July to October. This is the time when the zebras and gnus create their annual migrations from the Mara plains to these areas. You will have the golden opportunity to see their deadly hunters following them as well. However, a number of other parks in Kenya have abundance of wildlife migration during January to March too.


Herds of zebras and their younger ones come to Serengeto and Ngorongoro nationwide parks in Tanzania during the months from February through March. Lions and tigers will also follow these animals and add to your skills of enjoying the exceptional wildlife of Tanzania. This is the reason why this time of the year experiences highest vacationer infiltration in Tanzania.


Organize your adventure tour to Uganda during the course of the months from December to March or June to September. This is the time while you will get the opportunity to watch the widely known mountain gorillas of Uganda! As the name suggests, these creatures climb up the mountain tops. So, seasons of heavy rainfall make it hard for them to crawl and climb up the mountains. Therefore, avoid months from March to April and October to November and pick out the dry seasons suggested here for Ugandan holidays.


Individuals visit Zambia to like the site of the herds of African elephants and buffalo there. They assemble at the Lower Zambezi valley while in the end of dry times which range from September to mid of November. You can also get an opportunity to watch the impalas and zebras in the pastures of Zambezi during this time period. However, the ideas are that avoid going to Zambia after November as considerable portion of genuine safaris remain blocked beyond this month of the year till the soon half of April.


The weathers are at its most fantastic in Botswana through the month of September. The predominant climate condition during this time is very warm and welcoming and rainfall practically does not occur. The Okavango Delta of the area becomes the hub of indigenous wildlife. Thing to note here is that ‘mokoro’ the canoeing experience on Zambezi River takes its routes though the national parks and safaris in Botswana, and help travelers come in close contact with the plethora of wildlife a midst native flora and fauna of this part of Southern Africa.