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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

If you have been to Singapore, the wonderland of South East Asia then a visit to Jurong Bird Park is definitely a must and never to be avoided which is tucked in a beautiful island. This majestic bird park is one of the wonders of the world where you will find colorful birds of every nock and corner of the world. Here you will find flock and flamingos. It is currently the world’s largest bird park in terms of number of birds, there are about 5,000 birds of 380 species in this Bird Park which covers an area of about 202,000 square meters (50 acres) in Boon Lay Planning Area of the Jurong district.

This place easily attracts anyone who loves for the unusual, exciting, colorful and an experience that resembles a natural forest within the concrete and steel buildings. This wildlife bird sanctuary make feels you like you are in another world leaving lights and mass crowds of busy city centers and suburbs Boutique. When you enter into the park you will have the feelings like the way that you felt when watching Jurassic park. Here also you will have almost same experience only instead of a roar and a thunder rumble shaking – you will experience the warm smiles of the staff and the echoing sound of different species in the air.

The gift and souvenir shops are also a must for anyone who wants a complete trip and bring back home something that is worth to cherish throughout the rest of the life. The gifts are original, charming and entirely inspired bird – from key chains to T-shirts that serve as a reminder for the wonderful time you had in the bird park west. The park certainly lives up to its motto of a place with bright colors and there is never a dull moment in the landscape of birds and different attractions that will keep both adults and children happy. Be scared and fear the birds of prey and be amazed by the beauty of birds of paradise. From all corners of the world, birds of all sizes, shapes and sizes are available here in this bird sanctuary, either in large rooms or released within enclosures and large outdoor viewable.

You can even feed and let the earth in your hand – a sensory experience that gives you an idea of the birds and how they live, breathe and recreation. Travel through the whimsically named panorail and zip along with some of the birds and get a bird’s eye view of the entire park that makes you overwhelmed by its enchanting beauty. It is not only a tourist attraction, but it is an experience in itself, a marvel, a gem within an island known for being a giant city. It is one of the favorite among young couples prefer this to start their new life among these beautiful and colorful birds.

Adventure in Bali

There is a lot to explore here, the rugged paths that lead to the mountains and beautiful hotels with wonderful services and food that would make you addicted to it. There are restaurants that would serve the best Mediterranean and sea food with the atmospheres like the waves crashing against the waters. These efforts shall be rewarded with stunning views and much more.

To coax your muscles back into action there are trails and for relaxation a number of health and fitness facilities available that help you make the best of your days. There are regular and cheap flights to bali are offered around the year for you to enjoy and perks which help making your trip the miracle you want it to be. Travelers can enjoy flights according to their schedule and travel to this paradise like island to experience this nice holiday that they love.

Some of the top attractions of Bali are given below :

Visit the Fair Warung Bale on the Jalan Sriwedari 6 for the best Meals in Ubud

A vacation in Bali isn’t complete unless you have Thai cuisine here. Just some of the most delicious and wonderful food experiences are in order here. The restaurant offers superb service and a great atmosphere to go along with it making it a great place to go with your family and loved ones. The price is not that steep either and the place also offers other food like Asian, Indonesian, Healthy and local cuisine.

Bali Jet Set Dive and Marine Sport Center for the best Water Activities

The Jet Set Drive is the newest addition to Bali and offers you a delightful experience with a large array of activities and a number of wonderful perks to go along with them. The location is on the white sandy beach on the South of Bali and the activities are also available for older children, there are stroller parking and lockers and storage rooms too. The place is just the best opportunity to discover the island and the waters along with the secrets they hold.

Amed Scuba Tauchzentrum

When you wish to have an amazing and unforgettable experience, there are less good things to go onto than scuba diving. Exploring the underwater world is a whole new joy and offers the experience of a lifetime too. This school has something similar for the guests and tourists here. With a number of friendly instructors and at great sites, you can enjoy the deep sea scuba diving experiences and see the sights that would dazzle you.

A Memorable walking holiday in Wales

The other fantastic option is a Glyndwr’s way which provides a memorable walking holiday. One walks in the historical region via a myriad of landscapes that are enchanting from ancient forests to the moorland. This historical walk offers the best exploration of ancient Wales. Unveiling traditional villages and rich farmlands is truly an exciting experience with surrounding woodlands and mountains. Here one could as well find the magnificent castle of Powis, the beautiful valley of Dyfl and spectacular mountain of Cader Idris.

The path of Offa’s Dyke is a national trail which runs 177 miles along the border of Anglo-Welsh. With ancient woodland, wide valley rivers and moorland these places have an incomparable natural beauty. Reaching the tip of the Clwydian hills gives a dramatic view. This place is enriched with legends and history. King Offa built it in 8th century. Assimilated with flora and wildlife this place gives abundance of bronze and Iron Age forts. Pembroke shire coast is a trail following 186 miles covered with rugged and wild coastline along the Wales westerly peninsula. It has secluded beaches, best fishing villages and castle ruins.

The scent of wild flowers and herbs is spread all over and the coastal habitat has offered a desirable rest to the innumerable coves. The trail is flawless for clifftop walking. One could as well reveal St. David’s the smallest city of UK. Last but not least the other classic adventures that could be carried out at the Pembroke shire coast is the long beaches with prolific bird life and wildlife in Ramsey and Skomer Island. This is the most thrilling experience for nature lovers and bird watchers.


Diani Beach Kenya

The gleaming sapphire waters of the Indian Ocean and the palm trees lining the coastline, plus the pristine white sand make this an ideal spot for a relaxing holiday. You are treated to an idyllic tropical sun and warm ocean breeze you are unlikely to encounter elsewhere. Snorkelers interested in exploring the undersea, will enjoy the flourishing reef just near the Diani Kenya.

Those who love swimming will find the Indian Ocean water perfect for a relaxing and cooling swim. It is actually very safe since the reef slows down ravaging waves and the water is shallow, perfect for children, novice swimmers and wind surfers.

Beneath the waters there are numerous wrecks that make up some good scenery for the scuba divers. Some rare sea creatures can call this home and you will find mantas, barracuda and turtles. There are many other creatures that can be seen by tourists from a close range.

Those familiar with the traditional dhow know how riding on this vessel can be enjoyable s you cruise along the shores. There are daily Diani dhow safaris to the Kisite Marine National Park, which is near Tanzanian border and prides of different species of sea animals.

One of the most famous and interesting activity that you cannot afford to miss on your trip to the south coast is a swim with the now famous whale sharks between January and March. The tours are normally organized by the East African Whale Shark Trust not only as an entertainment activity for visitors but also to preserve and protect the giants of the seas from harmful human practices that might push them into extinction. It is also possible to snorkel side by side with a whale shark, so long as you keep your peace, they are very peaceful animals; Diani beach is a heaven!

The south coast of Mombasa is inhabited by the local communities who reside in villages. Feel free to take a guided excursion and dig into the villages and learn a few things about the Swahili, Mijikenda and Giriama cultures.

Kenya is known and respected for its abundance of wildlife. Well, a wildlife safari to Tsavo East and West National Parks is an excellent opportunity to make this happen. You can see the hippos, zebras and lions, among other types of animals. The parks are nearby and offer the perfect opportunities to discover the magical Kenya.